Born in London in 1975, Stephen Walter is of English and German heritage. Currently Lives and Works in London.

Stephen Walter’s work is a continual investigation into the topography of environments, and the idea that the genre of landscape can be seen as receptacle for meaning.

His art and practice mainly consists of working onto paper with drawing, painting, photography, reprographics and print. All these works grow out from his obsessive drawing techniques and photo-reproductions into the influences of the outside world – its cultures and politics, the phenomenon of shared space and the juxtapositions of personal and collective experiences of place. These influences fall back again into his forms and mark making, where each work is an intricate and layered world in itself.

The maps, depicting both real and made up places, are a series of arrangements and constellations of natural, physical and artificial features. They are a tangle of words, symbols, graphic forms, concepts, histories, epithets and autobiographical references – where cultural residues inhabit certain locations. These in turn – make up a complex of hidden meanings, associations and wider contradictions.

The landscape works often draw the viewer’s gaze from grand viewpoints into the immersion of microscopic details – the play between the micro and the macrocosm, and high and low art. They also observe the reoccurring patterns found in nature that are past down from one generation to the next, over long periods of time. These works also explore the phenomenon of Pareidolia within images – wherein the mind perceives a familiar pattern of something where none actually exists.

In recent works, Walter has gone on to reassess the ever-evolving concepts of landmarks in today’s society (both physical and cultural); also sculptural forms such as his Hagioscope Frame, Walterian London – a digital application with Cogapp, and more recently into the processes of collage.




(* indicates publication)

2016   Solo Show (including the Mayfair & St James’s Map) – Shapero Modern, London, UK

2016   Nova Utopia – also at Shapero Modern, London, UK

2013   Anthropocene – TAG Fine Arts @ LondonNewcastle Space, Shoreditch, London, UK

2009   *The Island – The Courtauld Institute, London (with TAG Fine Arts), Touring Show                including, Burgh House & Hampstead Museum, Exposure Gallery, London, UK

2008   *The Island – Launch, The Crypt, St. Pancras Church (with TAG Fine Arts), London, UK

2007   Old Master Re-Vamp – Royal Academy of Arts, Lower Sackler Wing, London, UK

2005   Be Aware of Everything – The Drawing Gallery, London, UK

2005   Chance Meetings – Vertigo Gallery, London, UK

2004   Photoworks #2 – Deutsche Bank, London Wall, UK

2003   The Vault @ Foundry, London, UK

2003   Window – Electric Palace Cinema, Hastings. (In conjunction with Shot By the Sea International Film Festival), UK

2003   Solo Show – Cru Restaurant, London, UK




(* indicates publication)

2016   Utopia, Somerset House, London UK

2016   RWA Secret Postcard Auction, Royal West of England Academy, Bristol, UK

2016   Show and Tell (curated by DJ Simpson), Britannia Works, London

2015   *The World in a Mirror – Museum aan de Stroom, Antwerp, Belgium

2015   The Poly-Olbion Project: The Faerie Land – Royal Geographical Society, London & The Forum, University of Exeter, UK

2014   alpha beta carta, des mots dans les cartes­ – Parc culturel de Rentilly, France

2014   *RE: DEFINE 2014 – Dallas Contemporary, USA

2014   Enclosure – Danielle Arnaud Gallery, London, UK

2014   Unstable Ground – Paper Gallery, Manchester, UK

2014   *The House of Fairy Tales, Cartography Portfolio – St Barnabas House. London, UK

2014   LIVEPOOL LOVE 2 – Liverpool World Museum, Liverpool, UK

2014   Mapping London, Thames Festival, Gallery@oxo, Oxo Tower (Daniel Crouch Rare Books). London

2014   Blue – Chelsea Arts Club, London, UK

2013   *Final Show – Lookal01, Breda, Netherlands

2013   The House of Fairy Tales – Sutton House. London, UK

2012   *Mind The Map – London Transport Museum, London, UK

2012   *Writing Britain: Wastelands to Wonderlands – British Library, London, UK

2012   LIVERPOOL LOVE – In association with Claire House – Museum of Liverpool, UK

2012   Viewpoint – SPACESHIP, Tel Aviv, Israel

2012   Vis Loci – Griffin Gallery, London, UK

2012   Polemically Small: Art in London now (curated by Zavier Ellis and Edward Lucie-Smith) – Orleans House Museum, Richmond, UK

2012   Get Carta – Karinjanssen projectspace, London, UK

2011   Polemically Small – Torrance Art Museum, CA, USA

2011   *The Art of Mapping – (curated by TAG Fine Arts) The Air Gallery, London, UK

2011   Heartlands – Great Brampton House, Hereford, UK

2011-2016   Stephen Walter’s Map of Liverpool – (Display ongoing), ‘Hub’ Space, Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool, UK

2010   *Magnificent Maps: Power, Propaganda and Art – British Library, London, UK

2010   Selection of Tjorg Douglas Beer – The Forgotten Bar, Berlin, Germany

2010   The Art of Giving – Saatchi Gallery, London, UK

2010   PAPYROPHILIA – Charlie Smith Gallery, London, UK

2010   *Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London, UK

2010   Elephant Parade London 2010 – London wide installation, UK

2010   ALIENIMMIGRATIONSDIENST – The Forgotten Bar, Berlin, Germany

2010   Stephen Walter’s Map of Liverpool – (Display ongoing), ‘Hub’ Space, Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool, UK

2009   The Future Can Wait – (Zavier Ellis & Simon Rumley), Old Truman Brewery, London, UK

2009   Collected Fragments Sunderland Museum, UK

2009   There’s Something I’d Like to Tell You – IMA Village, Berlin, Germany

2009   *West London Story – Thoughts on an Artists Book – Bradbrook House, London, UK

2009   *Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London, UK

2009   Stephen Walter’s Map of Liverpool – (Display ongoing), ‘Hub’ Space, Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool, UK

2009   Lay of the Land20-21 Visual Arts Centre, Scunthorpe, UK

2008   In Drawing – Purdy Hicks Gallery, London, UK

2008   *Blood on Paper – Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK

2008   Subterranea – Friday Late, Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK

2008   The London Book of the Dead – The Crypt, St. Pancras Church, London, UK

2007   Situation 33 – Bleibtreu Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2007   Mapping the Imagination – Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK

2007   *Drawing Breath – Touring Show, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapour – National Art School Sydney, Australia. 2008 – Royal West of England Academy, Bristol, UK – The Robert Gordon University Gallery, Aberdeen, Scotland

2007   Alles Nahe Werde Fern – Lookal01, Breda, Netherlands

2007   Notting Heaven – Sartorial Contemporary Art, London, UK

2007   *Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London, UK

2007   Royal Academy Printmakers – Print (vb.n) Gallery, London, UK

2006   Broken Romanticism – (curated by Stephen Walter) Standpoint Gallery, London, UK

2006   *Drawing Breath – Wimbledon College of Art, London, UK

2006   *Drawing Inspiration: Contemporary British Drawing – Abbot Hall Gallery, Kendal, UK

2006   Obsession – (curated by Robin Mason), Sartorial Contemporary Art, London, UK

2006   England Dreaming – 17 Bedford Row, London, UK

2006   Another Product – Cornerhouse Gallery, Manchester, UK

2006   On The Map – North House Gallery, Manningtree, UK

2006   *Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London, UK

2006   Soft Warm Places Called Home – The Residence, London, UK

2005   *Bayennale – The LAB, San Francisco, USA

2005   Transit Village – Jack London Square, Oakland, USA

2005   Drawing Two Hundred – The Drawing Room, Tannery Arts, London, UK

2005   40 Artists – 40 Drawings – The Drawing Gallery, London, UK

2005   Salon de Freehand – Studio 6 (Rob McHaffie), Fitzroy Australia

2005   Postcard 2005 – Filmbase, Dublin, Rep. of Ireland

2005   Improved: The Post Card Project – (curated by Francesca Gavin), Fosterart, London, UK

2005   Contemporary Artists Play Pictionary – The Agency, London, UK

2005   *Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London, UK

2005   Salon – The Hollow, London, UK

2005   Photo-Synthetic – Esmond Robinson Gallery, London, UK

2005   Make it or Brake it – The Residence, London, UK

2005   Minimuseum – Launch Port Eliot, Cornwall – Paul Smith, London, UK

2005   RCA Secret – Royal College of Art, London, UK

2005   Fosterart – Fosterart, London, UK

2004   *Jerwood Drawing Prize 2004 – Touring show incl. The Jerwood Space, London – The Lowrey Centre, Salford, UK

2004   25 Drawings – 25 Artists – The Drawing Gallery, London, UK

2004   30×30 – Vertigo Gallery, London, UK

2004   New Photography – Sarah Myerscough, London, UK

2004   The Artist and the City – Spectrum Gallery, London, UK

2004    Summer Exhibition – Case 1 Gallery, London, UK

2004   *Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London, UK

2004   Mobile Clubbing, London (various)

2004   Shorticulture – (Suzie Watson) Gin Glik, London, UK

2004   RCA Secret – Royal College of Art, London, UK

2004   Media Centre – London, UK

2003   Albino – 291 Gallery, London, UK

2004   Walter&Craig – (Joint Show with Andrew Craig) Foundry, London, UK

2004   30X30 – Vertigo Gallery, London, UK

2004   Christmas Show – Vertigo Gallery, London, UK

2004   RCA Secret – Royal College of Art, London, UK

2002   Sale – Selfridges, London

2002   14”X14” – Century Gallery, London

2002   Transgressing the City’s Limits – (Dialogue with Kelly Bushell) The Bull Theatre, Barnet, UK

2002   Drawing – Vertigo Gallery, London

2002   30X30 – Vertigo Gallery, London

2002   RCA Secret – Royal College of Art, London

2002   Vertigo Graphics – Vertigo Gallery, London

2002   Batteries Not Included – Fortress Studios – Catch 22 – The Rocket Complex

2001   Ghost – Inside Space, London

2001   *The Show 1 – Royal College of Art, London

2001   *MA Printmaking Artists – Clifford Chance, London

2001   RCA Secret – Royal College of Art, London

2001   Apthorp Fund for Young Artists – Touring Show, London

2000   Group Show – BBC Broadcasting House, London

2000   RCA Secret – Royal College of Art, London

2000   Printmaking & Sculpture Interim – Royal College of Art

2000   Apthorp Fund for Young Artists, Touring Show, London

1999   Absolute Secret – Royal College of Art

1999   Apthorp Fund for Young Artists, Touring Show, London

1998   *NEAC Open – The Mall Galleries, London

1998   Dual Show with Rachael McKraw – 60/40, Manchester, UK

1998   Absolute Secret – Royal College of Art

1998   First Open Print Show – The Place, Letchworth, UK

1998   Apthorp Fund for Young Artists, Touring Show, London




Victoria & Albert Museum, UK

The British Museum, UK

The British Library, UK

Deutsche Bank, London, UK

British Government Art Collection, UK

Houses of Parliament Museums, London, UK

Trussardi Foundation, Milan, Italy

Royal Geographical Society, London, UK

University of Manchester Library Collection, UK

London Transport Museum, UK

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Hiscox PLC, UK Exeter University Collection

Cecil Sharp House, London, UK

David Roberts, London, UK

Cyril Taylor, Taylor Owen, UK

Soho House – Berlin & London.

Asticus Collection, UK.

Plus a number of other international private collections




2014-16           Map commission, Poly-Olbion Project – Flash of Splendour Arts CIS & The Lottery Fund, UK

2014                Map commission, Hertsmere Council, UK

2011-12           London Subterranea, London Transport Museum, London

2010-17           Orion Books, Cover designs for – Rivers of London Series by Ben Aaronovitch

2009                Business Design Centre, London.

2008                Victoria & Albert Museum, London, Subterranea

2008                Victoria & Albert Museum, London, Blood on Paper

2008                Hospital Records, London Elektricity Album Cover design – Syncopated City

2007                Residency, The LAB, San Francisco, USA

2005-07           Fellowship in Printmaking – Royal Academy of Arts Schools, London

2007                Epson Head Quarters, UK

2004                Jerwood Drawing Prize 2004, 2ND Prize, UK

2003                Residency, Artist in Access – Central St. Martins College of Art & Design, London

2002                Residency, Queen Elizabeth’s School for Boys, Barnet, UK

2002                Apthorp Fund (Purchase Prize), London Borough Of Barnet

2001                Tim Mara Charitable Trust (Printmaking), Royal College of Art, London

2001                Daler Rowney Drawing Prize, Royal College of Art, London

2001                Apthorp Fund (Purchase Prize), London Borough Of Barnet

2000                Suny Purchase College Travel Award – New York, USA

1998                Apthorp Fund (Purchase Prize), London Borough Of Barnet

1998                Letchworth Art Centre Print Prize, UK




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2017                Visiting lecturer, Architectural Association, Landscape Urbanism MA, London, UK

2017                Utopia Think Tan, Somerset House, London, UK

2016                University of Liverpool, Cartographies of Citizens, UK

2016                London Transport Museum, Friday Late – Designology, UK

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2014                RIBA Architecture Partnership Anniversary Symposium, London, UK

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1999-2001       Royal College of Art – MA Fine Art Printmaking

1995-98           Manchester Metropolitan University – BA Fine Art (1st Class Honours)

1994-95           Middlesex University – BTEC Diploma in Art & Design Foundation