My experience with Choline bitartrate

Choline bitartrate experience


Choline bitartrate is a compound commonly found in nootropic supplements, particularly the stacks sold on Amazon.

Generally speaking, choline bitartrate is regarded as a low-quality brain supplement. It is nowhere near as common in premium, professional-quality nootropics as CDP-Choline or Alpha-GPC.

Few people use choline bitartrate in their own, home-made nootropic stacks. Instead, they tend to use Citicoline or Alpha-GPC.

Yet choline bitartrate is still one of the most used cholinergics on the market because of its prevalence in cheap, generic brain supplements.

Some of the top selling nootropics on Amazon use choline bitartrate. That fact alone makes it one of the most widely-used cholinergics in existence!

But does choline bitartrate really work?

I recently experimented with choline bitartrate, and I can now tell you with certainty that the answer is NO.

My 6 week choline bitartrate experiment

I used choline bitartrate every day for 6 weeks.

I took 300mg in the morning with a glass of water and a cup of coffee. I then took a further 200mg with lunch (plus more water and coffee).

I kept track of my performance as I always do - with regular cognitive tests, productivity trackers, and journals.

I didn’t expect to see much benefit from choline bitartrate. Yet despite having such low expectations, I was STILL disappointed.

I experienced almost nothing in the way of enhanced cognition while using choline bitartrate.

I didn’t get the same laser-sharp focus I get from Citicoline.

I didn’t get the lift in alertness and rapid processing I get from Alpha-GPC.

Honestly, I didn’t actually notice any improvement in any cognitive faculties while using choline bitartrate.

Does choline bitartrate work?

Not as far as I can tell!

How much can we really achieve with nootropics?

What do nootropics do


Nootropics are easily the most exciting supplement category right now. But do they really work? Let’s discuss!

The concept of cognitive enhancement more generally has really captured the imagination of the general public. You can see this pretty easily in how many articles get published on cognitive enhancers and brain-hacking every day - it’s a lot!

But with so much hype, there’s always a danger that people will get caught out by scams, useless trends, and rip-off supplements.

Just how much of a difference can nootropics actually make?

What can nootropic supplements really do for your mental performance?

Can they really boost focus, memory, and mood?

I think the answer is pretty clear - ABSOLUTELY!


How nootropics work

The most common reason some people are skeptical about nootropics and their ability to enhance cognition is that they don’t understand how they work.

This can be easily forgiven - nootropics are a completely new class of supplement, and their mechanisms are often much more complicated than other supplements.

The truth is that nootropics have widely varied mechanisms of action.

Some nootropic susbtances work by increasing choline levels in the brain. This in turn increases the levels of both acetylcholine (a key neurotransmitter) and phosphatidylcholine (an important component of brain cell membranes).

Other nootropics work by reducing stress and anxiety without sedating or lowering inhibitions (making them preferable to alcohol or pharmaceutical-grade anti-anxieties). The subtle reduction in anxiety you can achieve with nootropics will allow you to stay focused and clear-headed when you need to most.

Another class of substances work primarily by boosting the release of neurotrophic factors. These are peptides which govern brain tissue growth. By stimulating the release of neurotrophic factors like NGF or BDNF, you can actually promote physical lasting brain cell growth.


So what can nootropics actually do?

By utilizing the strategies above (and more), nootropics can genuinely bring about a dramatic improvement in cognitive performance.

What’s amazing is that, by utilizing a complete nootropic stack, you can enhance multiple different aspects of cognitive function.

A good nootropic stack will deliver:

  • Heightened focus and concentration
  • Faster information processing
  • Better information retention
  • Faster recall speed
  • Better working memory function
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Improved mood
  • Long-term brain development